Director’s Feedback

Discover the magic of our theatrical adaptation inspired by the philosophical masterpiece of the 20th century, The Little Prince! We are proud to present this play, which has been a true pleasure to stage with Mrs. Sysamouth’s class.

Working with such an exceptional group of students and dedicated teachers has been an enriching experience. Each member of this team has contributed to making this project a unique human adventure.

Theatre requires intense teamwork where ego is set aside to make room for trust and collaboration. It’s a journey filled with uncertainties and challenges, but it’s also an experience where everyone grows together.

Our students have formed a united and supportive team, experiencing together the emotions of this beautiful story. They will reveal themselves to you in a surprising, touching, and sincere way. Rest assured that they have worked with enthusiasm and passion to offer you the best of themselves.

We are proud of the journey we have traveled and we are eager to share with you the fruit of our work. Come and experience with us this beautiful theatrical adventure, full of surprises and emotions!

Creative Team

: Patricia Bergeron
Assistant Director and Stage Management: Vice Benoit
Set, Costume, and Puppet Design: Fanny Bisaillon-Gendron with the assistance of the students
Sound Design: Paméla Vallée with the assistance of Patricia Bergeron
Lighting and Visual Effects Design: Patricia Bergeron, Fanny Bisaillon-Gendron, and Vice Benoit
Set, Costume, and Puppet Fabrication: Fanny Bisaillon-Gendron with the assistance of the students
Vocal Coach: Anne-Marie Saint-Jacques
Production Management: Patricia Bergeron
Stage Management: Patricia Bergeron, Sysamouth Douangmala, Kousso Grace Colombe Asseu
Project Coordination: Sysamouth Douangmala and Paméla Vallée
Teaching Intern: Kousso Grâce Colombe Kousso Asseu

  • Martine Octeau


Antoine, an aviator flying over the Mediterranean, crashes in the middle of the desert. A little boy approaches: “Draw me a sheep”… Here is an adaptation of The Little Prince where Saint-Exupéry himself lives before us his encounter with the strange hero who, from planet to planet, accomplishes his famous initiatory journey.

Full of humor and delicacy, this demanding path towards friendship—and the pain of its loss—resonates strongly in today’s anxious world: accepting the Other as they are is the difficult journey at the heart of this story.

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