What could possibly happen when a frog decides to take up residence in the pipes of the bathroom? A lot of commotion… especially the frog. Woânda, comes face to face with Laura, the child who lives in the same house! Laura is a lively and spontaneous little girl whose mother is seriously ill. To numb her sorrow, Laura takes refuge in painting: with her brushes full of colors, she fills canvasses with her emotions. But her world is turned upside down the day she loses her lucky charm, a ring given by her mother, down the plug hole of the bathroom sink.


Written and directed by: Patricia Bergeron
Traduced by: Maurice Roy
Original idea by:
Patricia Bergeron
Lynn Katrine Richard
Joëlle Tougas
Stage Manager: Jacinthe Plamondon
Set Design: Fanny Bisaillon-Gendron
Costume Design: Sophie Brosseau
Make-Up: Aurélia Boullen
Patricia Bergeron, puppeteer
Mariève Bibeau or Mariflore
Véronneau, as Laura
Richard Fréchette, Jean-Léon Rondeau or Paul Stewart, as Grandpa
Maryse Poulin, musician
Puppet Design: Mélanie Charest with the collaboration of Daniel Auclair
Sound Design: Maryse Poulin
Lighting and Shadow Theatre Design: Lynn Katrine Richard
Production Manager and Shadow Theatre Design: Joëlle Tougas

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