Shadow Theater

The Théâtre à l’Envers offers introductory shadow theater workshops, in short version (between 1 hour and 2h30) or in long version (2 or 3 days), aimed at initiating students (elementary and highschool) in the stages of creating a show using shadow as a medium of theatrical expression. The proposed activities allow participants to develop their imaginations and their manual skills in the plastic arts, in addition to promoting teamwork and oral and written expression.

The short version (one encounter) includes an introduction to shadow theater on big screen through exploratory games with an overhead projector. Then, grouped into small teams, the students designate a narrator, puppeteers and an acetate manipulator on overhead projector. Everyone is then invited to create a show behind a small screen by inventing a story from the silhouettes proposed by the artists and by drawing the sets on acetates. The fruit of their labor is then presented to the whole class.

For the long version, during the first meeting, the artists demystify the shadow through exploratory games, then get the students to familiarize themselves and participate in the various stages of creating a show. Brainstorming by using a theme suggested by the facilitators, participants first create a bank of characters, physical characteristics, places and actions. Then, in the light of the responses written on the board, the young people complete a scenario as a team based on an incomplete story suggested by the artists. During the second meeting, the young people as a team draw a plan of the scenes to be played (working model). They will learn to recognize the different components of a story and integrate them in the creation of their final scenario: initial situation, subject or hero, trigger or mission, adjuvant (s), opponent (s), adventures, outcome, conclusion … They will then begin making cardboard silhouettes and drawing decorations on acetates. The third meeting allows participants to finish making the cardboard silhouettes and the decorations drawn on acetate. They then begin rehearsing their script in front of a small screen and with the overhead projector. They are finally invited to present the fruit of their labor, a shadow play, to the class.


Target audience: from pre-kindergarten to sixth grade
Number of participants: one class students at a time (approximately 18 to 25 participants)
Cost of the workshop: * Prices are established by the MESS and fees are refunded up to 75% with a project filing by the school
Honorary for the artist: 325$ / day (for a maximum of 3 hours of attendance at the school)
Transportation: 0,43 $ / km traveled
Meals and accomodation: if applicable
Material costs provided by the artist: between 60$ – 100$ / day

Patricia Bergeron
5350, Lafond street
Montréal (Québec)
H1X 2X2
Cell.: 514.544.9370 (Artist: Patricia Bergeron)

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