The Golden Conch Shell (Film)


The Golden Conch Shell is a story for our times, based on West African folklore blended with elements of Hans Christian Andersen. Serena and Billy are two siblings trying to find their voice in the contemporary world. Their adventures take them down to the very depths of the sea where they meet the sea goddess Mami Wata and her army of sharks. How will they use their talents and ingenuity to escape Mami Wata’s clutches and return home safely? The film is suitable for children aged 5-10 years and their families and features shadow puppetry and original music.

The Golden Conch Shell premiered in English at Forum Cinema Hexham in august 2020 and in French at the Montreal International Children’s Film Festival (FIFEM) in March 2021.


Director : John Cobb
Story : Patricia Bergeron, Dumisizwe Vuyo Bhembe, John Cobb, Zannie Fraser, Sarah Kemp and Ken Patterson
Performer : Zannie Fraser
Voice : Sarah Kemp, Eleanor Cobb, Sam Judge and John Cobb
Shadow puppet creator : Zannie Fraser
Film and sound editor : Ken Patterson
Composer : Dumisizwe Vuyo Bhembe


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