The Little Girl and the Birds


The Little Girl and the Birds is a wordless tale that features shadow projections on a big screen accompanied by music performed live by Oriane Smith. It is a visual poetry that invites the audience to take part in an immersive experience that leads them to follow the journey of a little girl who is attracted by a mysterious bird. She finds herself in a secret cave under an old tree, where she discovers a cloth bag. But the bag keeps filling itself with birds as the little girl tries to bring it back home, beyond the maze of roots she must navigate to find the exit.

At first, the birds are frail young chicks, so delicate you’d think they were made of dust, but they soon grow into a multitude of feisty, wild birds asking to be released so that they can fly away. Caught in this whirlwind of bird cries and dust, will the little girl be able to calm them down and find her way home? It is by trusting what is hidden deep within her and following her intuition that she will allow herself to be guided by the cry of a single bird who will lead her to the exit, and onto new opportunities to explore life.


Original idea: Oriane Smith, Julia Derdour and Patricia Bergeron 
Story: Oriane Smith
Stage director: Patricia Bergeron
Assistant stage director: Audrey-Maude Blais-Gallant
Performers: Aurelia Badulescu and Patricia Bergeron
Technical direction: Pierre-Luc Hamelin
Shadow silhouette and set designer: Julia Derdour
Music and soundscapes designer: Oriane Smith
Scenographic designer: Sara Sabourin
Digital designer: Francis Drouin
Costume designer: Élisabeth Bosquet
Puppeteer and props designer: Élisabeth Bosquet
Lighting designer: Pierre-Luc Hamelin
Production manager: Patricia Bergeron and Pierre-Luc Hamelin
Illustrations: River June
Videographer: Nick Jewell
Shadow and image writing advisor: Marcelle Hudon

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