The Little Girl and the Birds


The Little Girl and the Birds is a wordless tale that features shadow projections on a big screen accompanied by musical pieces performed live by musician Oriane Smith. This is a visual poetry inviting the viewer to live an immersive experience that leads them to follow the journey of a little girl attracted by a mysterious bird. She finds herself in a secret cave under an old tree, where she discovers a cloth bag. The bag fills up with birds as she tries to bring it home, outside the maze of roots she must cross to find the exit.

First fragile fledglings of dust, they multiply and soon become fiery and wild birds, sometimes frightening, which ask to be released so that they can fly away. Caught in this whirlwind with bird cries and dust, will the little girl be able to calm them down and find her way back? It is by trusting what is hidden deep within her and following her intuition, that she will let herself be guided by the cry of a single bird which will lead her towards the exit and towards a great flight…


Original idea by: Oriane Smith, Julia Derdour and Patricia Bergeron 
Autor: Oriane Smith
Director: Patricia Bergeron
Assistant director: Audrey-Maude Blais-Gallant
Shadow silhouette designer: Julia Derdour
Lighting and set designer: Julia Derdour
Music and soundscapes designer: Oriane Smith
Illustrations: Riverjune
Recording and editing: Nick Jewell
Shadow and image writing resource person: Marcelle Hudon

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