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Virtual puppet workshop

Patricia Bergeron is offering a virtual workshop this Saturday, July 9, for Indian puppeteers from New Delhi. The workshop is also open to puppeteers from Quebec and Canada. This workshop is initiated by the Quebec Delegation Office in Mumbai and CINARS with the participation of the Katkatha Puppet Arts Trust (New Delhi, India).

Théâtre À l’Envers is 15 years old!

The Théâtre À l’Envers celebrated its 15th anniversary on January 30th 🎉 On January 30, 2007, Lynn Katrine Richard, Joëlle Tougas and Patricia Bergeron joined forces to found the Théâtre À l’Envers. Patricia Bergeron is still the director today. The Théâtre À l’Envers would like to warmly thank all of its cultural workers, designers, performers, […]


Mwana et le secret de la tortue

MARCH 🌱 This month, Mwana et le secret de la tortue is back on tour! The team will travel to Spect-Art in Thetford Mines for three school performances, then head to the Maritimes for a tour of 18 performances in francophone elementary schools in Nova Scotia as part of a tour organized by RADARTS in […]

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